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“From chapter one of The Blue Cabin Michael Faulkner exhibits a natural storytelling gift and a sureness with words, and also with rhythm, on which his phrases and sentences surf and maintain their momentum...The book is a heartwarming read, full of perception and gentle wit. Whether Faulkner’s book is a classic in the making only posterity will judge. In the meantime, it makes the winter more bearable by the page.”
Scotland on Sunday (for the full text of this review click here)

“Enchanting, funny, touching...”
Belfast Telegraph

“A gem of a book.”
Waterstones, Princes Street West End, Edinburgh

“A magical book...”
News Letter

“Michael Faulkner has composed a prose hymn to Strangford Lough – with a dash of The Good Life thrown in. He creates a wonderful sense of place, a keenly and sensitively observed picture of the lough in all its moods, of the wildlife and the characters who live round the shore. As a bonus, there is an affectionate picture of the home life of a prominent statesman and a tightly knit family. This book is a little gem.”
Maurice Hayes - Author, Sweet Killough, Let Go Your Anchor

“Poetic...part-adventure tale, part-love story, beginning with disruption and concluding with discovery.”
Textualities - online literary magazine

“Tender and moving.”
Newtownards Chronicle

“Beautifully written.”
BBC Radio Ulster

“A moving story...beautifully written.”
Perthshire Advertiser

“A love note to Strangford Lough and a must-read for lovers of and strangers to the area.”
Ulster Tatler

Irish Times

“Gentle, self-deprecating humour which is altogether disarming...A treat.”
Lecale Historical Society

The Blue Cabin is a beautiful book...”
Newry Democrat

“A moving account...charmingly written.”
Down Recorder

“...evokes the peace of mind they rediscover through a life governed by the seasons.”
Scottish Field

“A great story..A good read.”
Saga Radio 105.2FM

“Lovers of this unique part of Northern Ireland will be enthralled and delighted by this book.”
Mourne Observer

“To put an improbable Ulster romantic and  his artist-wife on a small island in an Irish lough was certain to produce an enthralling book.”
John Cole, former Political Editor BBC

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The Blue Cabin

The Blue Cabin - Michael Faulkner

  ‘Whenever you read a good book, it’s like the author is right there, in the  room, talking to you, which is why I don’t like to read good books.’

Jack Handey

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